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CALL IN LIVE:  617.829.WAVE          TUNE IN LIVE:  www.waveradioboston.com        TEXT IN LIVE:  617.764.WAVE

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C O M E     G E T    S O M E

"Great show and great people. It’s awesome there is a show like this that’s interested in local music and very supportive of the local music scene. If you’ve got a band you should hit them up to be on the show!"

- Brent Martino [Machine Gun Mayhem]

"Awesome experience! Really had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the open ended conversations!"

- Tony DiBiase [Perennial Quest]

"Ashley is a tremendous friend of the New England music scene. Not afraid to have an opinion and feature some of the best music you could possibly ever hear the New England"

- Shawn Fletcher [Melodies of Ghost Road]

"From start to finish I couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and as someone who hasn’t been on the radio before, Ashley made me feel super comfortable in studio. I’d jump at the chance to go back on. Thanks for a great time!!"

- Lizzie Leis [Project Alice]

"What an amazing personality and host for local music. Ashley Bottoms....keep doing what you're doing. Bands like mine love the support and encouragement. Keep it metal, keep it real, keep on rocking out."

- Lucas Burt [Anti-Body Division]

"Ashley is an amazing host, lot of energy, nothing but laughs. Thank you for supporting the local music scene in New England."

- Brian Barksdale [Purging Sin]

"Ashley Bottoms is such an incredible Radio personality and such a pro. Ashley and Pete made us feel right at home and gave Bloodline Theory a night we will remember thanks for having us."

- Joel Hopkins [Bloodline Theory]

"Great visit with Shot of Poison. Any topic could come up on this freewheeling show! It's like a box of chocolates on the radio. Recommended."

- Ad Boc [A Shot of Poison]

"It was an awesome look into how radio works and Ashley Bottoms should be higher up in the biz really great radio host thx for having us!"

- Shred Downing [Anger & Grace]

"We did an interview with Ashley and that was one of the most fun interviews we had in our career so far!"

- Armia Pour [Vessbros]

W E ' L  L     S E E     Y O U     T H E R E

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JANUARY 31, 2020

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MARCH 22, 2020

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